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The WellHouse Founder’s Story

Tajuan McCarty is the founder of The WellHouse. She has used her passion for the issue of Human Trafficking to develop a faith based/ Christ centered agency serving these victims. Tajuan is uniquely qualified to be at the forefront of this issue as she was trafficked for 11 years! When she was 15 years old, her “boyfriend-turned-pimp” introduced her into the world of prostitution. She endured and was witness to multiple rapes, beatings, forced drug use and even murder. She was trafficked through Birmingham so many times, it ultimately became her home. She was arrested numerous times and due to her drug and alcohol addiction always returned to “the life.” She was trapped in a circle of destruction.

Tajuan’s life changed in 2009 when she walked into the Church of the Highlands “Dream Center.” There she met Lisa “Roxanne” Richardson and began her journey of healing and forgiveness. Armed with her new found faith, a strong mentor/ friend and a deep understanding of the problem. Tajuan founded the WellHouse in her own home with $33.00 in her bank account. Working as rescuer, counselor and director, she rescued 80 victims between 2011 and 2013. She worked with the FBI, state and local police to improve law enforcement training and increase social awareness. Realizing the problem was bigger than herself and knowing that the help these victims needed was outside of what one person could provide, in 2014, Tajuan stepped down as Executive Director of the WellHouse. She continues to follow her path of being an advocate for the WellHouse, raising awareness on human trafficking and rescuing and ministering victims from around the country.

Tajuan holds a Master’s degree in Public Health and Public Administration, as well as a Bachelor of Science in Social Work from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Tajuan was recognized as one of The Top 20 Women Who Make a Difference in Birmingham and accepted The FBI Director’s Community Leadership Award on behalf of The WellHouse, due to her efforts to fight human trafficking.

The WellHouse exists because of the efforts and vision of its founder and remains a “Place of Grace” for the women it serves.

-The WellHouse

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